Tea Tasting: Silk Road’s Green Mist

leavesI can’t enough of Silk Road’s teas. I’ve yet to taste one I didn’t love. I buy most of my tea at Rainbow Grocery, where there is a fabulous selection of bulk and boxed teas. The other night, while looking over a small shelf in a remote corner of the bulk tea section, a voice behind me said, “Ah… you’re going for the good stuff.” The Rainbow worker and I sat in silence, smiling and staring at all the gorgeous teas in their tiny jars… They parcel their more expensive teas into little cost-effective packets. The price per pound might be $100, but a little one or two ounce sachet is more than manageable. Continue reading

Tea Tasting: Red Blossom Tea Company’s Organic Cloud and Mist

The names of teas are a source of pleasure in and of themselves. Why ask someone if they’d like a cup of black or green, when you can offer Cloud and Mist? Red Blossom Tea Company is a second generation … Continue reading