Lemon Poppy Seed Energy Bars

IMG_1293I don’t have time to make every little snack we eat, from scratch. That said, I hate spending two to four bucks on an energy bar. I don’t eat a lot of energy bars, but they can be the perfect little something to get you through the morning or late afternoon when you’re having a little blood sugar dip, but don’t want anything too substantial because a meal is right around the corner. Continue reading

Crunchy Cherry Chocolate Nut Cookies

featured2I had a potluck to go to, a road trip to plan for, and a cupboard full of nuts and fruits and flours in need of thinning. So here we are. Because I used palm sugar, the base cookie isn’t very sweet, which I like, but I added the white chocolate shwizzle because, like Everest…

White chocolate isn’t my favorite thing in the world. It’s not really chocolate. It’s a little weird. A little too sweet. And yet I buy it. But combined with the right stuff–nuts and fruits–it comes alive. Continue reading