Four Little Plum Cakes

prebakefeaturedHubby is about to board a plane home to visit the family, and I decided to make a little something out of the plums I harvested from my brother and sister-in-law’s plum tree. The goal–aside from a something celebratory, summery and sweet–was to avoid being left alone in the house with the rest of a large cake. Continue reading

Wheat-free Banana Bread


And we’re off on a rant…

Gluten-free baked goods are too often loaded with high-glycemic flours such as white rice, tapioca and potato. And the proliferation of all the sweet GF products I see in the store has me seriously worried about everyone’s blood sugar. Now I’ll admit, in the past, I’ve posted recipes so desperate to be a facsimile of their wheat-loaded cousins I put whatever it took in there to get it right. But… I can’t do it anymore. Continue reading

Not Too Sweet Barley Nut Cookies

bakedBecause of its numerous health benefits, I’m trying to add more barley to our diet. For cookies like these, I would normally use rolled oats, but instead I reached for my big jar of barley flakes. It terms of look, texture, and taste, I find the barley flakes similar to oats. We’re also trying to cut way back on our sugar consumption, so these cookies aren’t very sweet, but that’s not to say they’re medicinal. They are still quite a satisfying little treat. Continue reading