Tomato & Pecorino Salad with Basil Flowers


A very long time ago my mother and I were having lunch at the venerable Green’s Restaurant, and though I can’t for the life of me remember what I had, she had an open-faced goat cheese sandwich. The reason I remember it is because it was dusted with tiny thyme blossoms. There was nothing more to the sandwich than thick rustic dark brown bread, bright white cheese, a sprinkling of greens chives and tiny lavender-colored flowers. It was gorgeous. Continue reading

Mediterranean Chopped Salad with Greek Slather

Some of the best salads I’ve ever had were in steakhouses. The best of the best was in a Chicago steakhouse, and it was so good and so big I couldn’t eat the steak. It was a ridiculously expensive piece of meat, so we had them wrap it up and we toted it back to San Francisco… and gave it to the dog, who for several days was insane with glee over her good fortune. Continue reading

Puntarelle Two Ways

puntarelle-saladI’d been eyeing Tomatero’s puntarelle for a while, but it’s an intimidating looking green. I love chicory–even more so since our trip to Rome last year, but this stuff still looked a little too sci fi for me. And given it’s typical to trim the voluminous outer leaves away, I didn’t like the waste element. The outer leaves look a lot like dandelion greens, so I decided to cook rather than toss them. Both were delicious and round out a meal rather nicely, giving you a crisp salad and warm side to go with your main course. Continue reading