Cold Brewed Blackberry Iced Tea


Even though I can feel the nip in the air today, and we had a spot of rain last night, it was a toasty Halloween weekend. We keep returning to the warmth of Indian Summer weather, but it feels like we should be way past that by now. And as intriguing as warmth might seem to those in colder parts of the world, most of the folks I talk to are ready to move on. But, as long as we’re sweating like fiends, something cool is always nice. Continue reading

Tea Tasting: Silk Road’s Green Mist

leavesI can’t enough of Silk Road’s teas. I’ve yet to taste one I didn’t love. I buy most of my tea at Rainbow Grocery, where there is a fabulous selection of bulk and boxed teas. The other night, while looking over a small shelf in a remote corner of the bulk tea section, a voice behind me said, “Ah… you’re going for the good stuff.” The Rainbow worker and I sat in silence, smiling and staring at all the gorgeous teas in their tiny jars… They parcel their more expensive teas into little cost-effective packets. The price per pound might be $100, but a little one or two ounce sachet is more than manageable. Continue reading

Drinking Chocolate

drinkingchocolateThis one is for my friend Shannon, who has a fondness for Dandelion Chocolate’s European Drinking Chocolate. And who wouldn’t?

The first time I noticed a difference between American hot chocolate and what is served elsewhere was when I was traveling around France. Continue reading