The Tiniest Teapot


I probably should have taken a shot of this pot with something next to it to give it perspective, but… I’m too tired.

It’s been a while. The husband and I have been drowning (in a good way) in birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. June is a crazy month. But we’re starting to break free. I will return to the kitchen. Recipes will flow. Something on baby artichokes is in the works. Another on a no-bake fruit crisp. Until then…

For your viewing pleasure–a tiny teapot. I am an amateur potter, and one of my goals has been to throw an ever so small teapot for my little niece. She’s still very young, ceramic is still a bit breakable, so there’s time. This was my latest attempt, and though the glaze is all wrong for a three-year-old (I don’t think she would appreciate the lovely carbon trapping) we’re getting there.

Pots this small, and smaller, are great for delicate white and green teas–those that can be brewed over and over.