Green Garlic Aioli and Crudité

featured1I’m using the aioli as a dip with a bounty of crudité, but it would be delicious slathered on a sandwich in place of the typical mayo or as a dip for fried foods–calamari and onion rings come to mind…

Green garlic is only available for a short period of time in spring so grab it while you can. For those who’ve never used it, it’s the young garlic harvested before it reaches maturity and before the individual cloves develop. It looks a lot like a small leek or large scallion. It might also be called spring garlic or baby garlic. It’s milder and sweeter than fully mature garlic.

Green Garlic Aioli (makes 1/2 cup or 120ml)

1 egg, room temperature
1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml) salt
1/2 cup (120ml) vegetable oil–I used half extra virgin olive and half grapeseed oil*
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
1 Tbsp. (15ml) green garlic, chopped (use the white head up to the light green part)–If using a bowl and whisk, finely mince the garlic. If you don’t have green garlic available, you can substitute one small clove of regular garlic, minced.
1 Tbsp. (15ml) fresh flat leaf (Italian) parsley–If using bowl and whisk, mince the parsley

*The type of oil you use will affect the taste, extra virgin olive oil lending a much stronger flavor than lighter vegetable oils. I’ve also found that extra virgin olive oil doesn’t hold together as well as lighter oils, so I use a mix to get a bit of the olive flavor I like, and a lighter oil to aid in the thickness.

For the crudité, use whatever vegetables you like to munch on. I used:
Purple and yellow carrots
Orange bell pepper
White mushrooms
Purple radishes
Green snap peas


In a food processor or blender, or using a bowl and whisk, process or whip the egg and salt together.

With the food processor or blender running, slowly drizzle the oil into the egg  mixture until it is all incorporated and the mixture is relatively thick. If using a bowl and whisk, brace the bowl with a dishtowel at the bottom–roll the towel into long rope and make a circle with the rope, put the bowl in the middle to brace it, and leave your hands free for continuous whisking.

Add the lemon juice, green garlic and parsley, and blend or whisk until blended. If the aioli is too thick, thin with a little water.

For those who are curious, that’s a borage flower floating in the middle.featured3