Tummy Tea

As we hover between holidays known for overindulging it feels like an appropriate time for a post on a good stomach soothing tea. I have always been a bit prone to stomach upset and this tea has often helped to put things right.

Tummy Tea

Use organic ingredients if you can find them. Never use plants sprayed with pesticides.

Loose herbs are available in bulk in most health food stores or can be found online.

Combine equal parts:
Marigold/Calendula (flowers)
Meadowsweet (flowers and/or leaves)
Marshmallow (roots and/or leaves)
Chamomile (flowers)

Use one heaping teaspoon of the herb mixture per cup of water. Keep the herbs loose (don’t bind them up in strainers or sacks), and allow the tea to steep in a covered pot for fifteen minutes. Strain the tea. Sip the tea slowly. You can add sweeteners or other flavorings, but this tea is fine on its own.

Left to right: marigold, meadowsweet, marshmallow, chamomile

A bit of info on the individual herbs taken from my favorite book of home remedies, The New Age Herbalist:

Marigold/Calendula – Internally used to treat gastritis, gastric or duodenal ulcers. A useful digestive remedy because it stimulates the flow of bile.

Meadowsweet – A traditional remedy for acid stomach.

Marshmallow – A soothing, healing plant, useful in treating inflammation and ulceration of the stomach and small intestine.

Chamomile – Relaxes an overactive stomach.