Fruity Nutty Breakfast Bread

breadThe making of this bread was an accident. I was going for something that could be used as a base for a dense, dark, rich Melba toast cracker, but this was far too delicate, absolutely impossible to cut thin. But it tasted good. What I like about it, is its nearly complete lack of refined sugar. It is only lightly sweet. Continue reading

Into the Hamper: Peppermint Fondant Chocolate Bars

I was at the dentist the other day, bib in place, cheesy tabloid in hand, waiting… when a voice from behind said, “You’ve been slacking.” A heart-stopper of a statement when sitting in that particular chair. It was a relief to find out he was referring to this blog, and my less than sterling progress of late. Continue reading

Drinking Chocolate

drinkingchocolateThis one is for my friend Shannon, who has a fondness for Dandelion Chocolate’s European Drinking Chocolate. And who wouldn’t?

The first time I noticed a difference between American hot chocolate and what is served elsewhere was when I was traveling around France. Continue reading