Raspberry Lemon Soda (Not So Syrupy) Syrup


I made this syrup for my friend Cass who recently purchased one of those fizzy drink makers. Someone gifted us with one not that long ago. I have to admit it has been great having one reusable bottle in which to make endless bottles of bubbly water. Continue reading

Mom’s Garden: Panko Fried Green Tomatoes

featured2Staring at the unripe green tomatoes in my mother’s garden, beautifully backlit by the setting sun, started me thinking about the book Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. The movie was good, but it’s the book I really remember, mostly because of the recipes at the back. When I’m honest, I think I have to credit that book and those recipes as one of the first big influences on me as a cook. Continue reading

Beans on Toast for Two

featuredThis is an inexpensive intimate meal. Something to have when you don’t want any fuss, to eat while reading a good book on a blustery day. Usually the beans are from a can, the toast a garden variety wheat or white from a plastic bag. But Tomatero farms had some beautiful Tongue of Fire beans for sale at the last farmers market and I couldn’t resist. Fresh beans are faster and easier to cook than dried beans, so though this is more complicated than opening a can, it’s not that bad. Why for two? Because this is a garlicky dish that should be eaten by those who share a space, otherwise you might find yourself on the couch until the vapors clear. Continue reading