Sweet Hot Zucchini Refrigerator Pickles

featuredThis recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbooks, The Jimtown Store Cookbook. Unlike most cookbooks, it doesn’t have pictures to entice the reader. It’s the names of the recipes that draw you in, surrounded by a simple layout with easy to follow instructions. It also helps that everything I’ve made from the book has worked perfectly and become an instant family favorite. It was because of the book we made a pilgrimage to the store. Nestled in the beautiful Alexander Valley wine country, it’s a great place to have lunch, grab picnic supplies, and shop for interesting knickknacks. And if you do stop in for one of their delightful sandwiches you’ll always find a scattering of these pickles at its side. Continue reading

Raspberry Lemon Soda (Not So Syrupy) Syrup


I made this syrup for my friend Cass who recently purchased one of those fizzy drink makers. Someone gifted us with one not that long ago. I have to admit it has been great having one reusable bottle in which to make endless bottles of bubbly water. Continue reading