Broiled Sushi

threeSo… I was at a potluck, and someone brought this amazing looking sushi casserole. They arrived late, I’d already eaten more than I could handle, so I had to pass. But I left determined to make what I’d seen as soon as possible. I had never heard of broiled sushi, and being a fan of the California roll–and broiled sushi is kind of like a warm deconstructed Cali roll–I find that hard to believe. Continue reading

Citrus Chicken Kebabs

final5Over the past year I’ve entered a few cooking competitions, mostly just for fun. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen–a lot of time–and it felt natural to take the chemistry that goes into an original recipe a little bit further. This recipe is one of 100 submitted by food bloggers far and wide who were asked to come up with something tasty using a specific Healthy Solutions spice blend. I chose their Pork and Poultry rub. Though I use a lot of fresh herbs, I really appreciate their dry cousins. We can’t always get to the store, and some fresh herbs aren’t readily available. A friend and I were working on a cookbook a little while back and I wanted to dedicate an entire chapter to working with dry goods. Continue reading