Cold Brewed Blackberry Iced Tea


Even though I can feel the nip in the air today, and we had a spot of rain last night, it was a toasty Halloween weekend. We keep returning to the warmth of Indian Summer weather, but it feels like we should be way past that by now. And as intriguing as warmth might seem to those in colder parts of the world, most of the folks I talk to are ready to move on. But, as long as we’re sweating like fiends, something cool is always nice. Continue reading

Delectable Dolmas

finsihed2Dolmas are one of those foods I had to grow into as an adult. Like beets (too red), and avocados (too mushy)–dolmas, with their unappetizing dark green color and oily exterior were a big no-no for a long, long time. Then… not that many years ago, I had Haig’s dolmas, and my thoughts on the subject were transformed. I didn’t just come to like them, I became addicted to them. Continue reading

Not Too Sweet Barley Nut Cookies

bakedBecause of its numerous health benefits, I’m trying to add more barley to our diet. For cookies like these, I would normally use rolled oats, but instead I reached for my big jar of barley flakes. It terms of look, texture, and taste, I find the barley flakes similar to oats. We’re also trying to cut way back on our sugar consumption, so these cookies aren’t very sweet, but that’s not to say they’re medicinal. They are still quite a satisfying little treat. Continue reading